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Payment Gateway

If you have investigated launching an E-commerce venture, you would probably have noticed the steep learning curve and the daunting complexity involved. The exorbitant costs of E-commerce payment gateway solutions provided by financial institutions in India, the sheer volume of different software components and the challenge of integrating them can discourage anyone from venturing into an online business.

payment gateway to transact online business, in a way that you always wanted to: simple, fast, secure,affordable and complete.CCAvenue is the only organization that has tie-ups with all major online banks and credit card gateways. With CCAvenue, you are open for business to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME regardless of geographical boundaries, contingencies and astronomical operational retailing costs. CCAvenue's payment gateway services offer Indian merchants an outstanding global platform to cost effectively enter the digital economy. Shall you need higher and customized packages, feel free to contact our Sales Manager at :

Key Features

  • All Major International and Indian credit cards are processed.
  • Our Payment Gateway ALSO processes credit cards "Valid only in India & Nepal".
  • Additionally, Indian customers can also pay through their Indian bank accounts.
  • No Merchant Account or Special Bank Account is necessary for the sub-merchant.
  • Quick & Easy Integration of the Payment Gateway in your site.
  • Payment Gateway is VeriSign 128 bit Secure.
  • Our Payment Gateway Offers 'Authorize & Capture' and other facilities.

Options for Accepting Online Payments

You can accept the following credit cards using our Payment Gateway: Visa, Master card, American Express, Diners Club, JCB and Citibank E-Cards issued in India or anywhere else in the world. If a CCAvenue sub merchant has signed up under the economy scheme he gets Rs 93/- in hand for every Rs 100/- worth of his transaction, done on a credit card by his customer. If a CCAvenue sub merchant has signed up under the premium scheme he gets Rs 95/- in hand for every Rs 100/-, worth of his transaction done on a credit card by his customer. Nothing more is payable by the sub merchant in both instances.

Through a direct debit of an online bank account in India. We currently support HDFC Bank, Citibank, ICICI infinity, UTI iConnect, IDBI, Global Trust bank, Federal Bank, Bank of Punjab, Centurion Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank& Punjab National Bank customers. This means that a customer who has an Internet enabled account from any of these banks may use his bank account for paying any CCAvenue sub merchant. When a CCAvenue merchant receives payment through this route he gets Rs 96/- for every Rs 100/- worth of transaction done by his customer, irrespective of the type of scheme he has subscribed to i.e. economy or premium. Nothing more is payable by the sub merchant.

Both payment modes are entirely different and hence cannot be clubbed together. To get your payments you need to "capture" your transaction from the accounting module. When a transaction is successful from the payment gateway this is reflected in your account with CCAvenue in pending mode. You as the merchant will have to log-in to your account on and mark the transaction as shipped / executed and entering relevant data.

Choose your pay-out mode

Sub-Merchants holding an account with the following banks can opt for direct credit to their accounts with any branch in the country by requesting us to deposit a Mumbai cheque: HDFC Bank Limited, ICICI Bank Limited , UTI Bank Limited, Citibank, Standard Chartered ANZ Grindlays, Global Trust Bank, Centurion Bank, ABN Amro Bank, IDBI Bank and any other bank which allows us to deposit cheques to your current / personal account directly from Mumbai. OR Citibank at par cheque payable as a local cheque in your city dispatched on Friday evening by courier.

Minimum Balance Required

On commencement of the account CCAvenue will retain the first Rs 1000/- as a minimum balance requirement for keeping your account in live mode, in the same way as a bank account operates. Subsequently all and any amount over this will automatically get paid out.

Note :

Payment Cycle

You have 12 days from the receipt of the orders to execute and capture the order amounts. If your business model demands that you capture the amount in advance for future delivery i.e. a period beyond 12 days from receipt of the order, and your customer is explicitly agreeable to this, then you may do so before the 12th day. Orders not captured will not be reflected in your account after this.

Orders can be accessed by logging into your CCAvenue Account with the username and password registered on sign-up. All orders shipped/executed until Thursday midnight IST are processed for payment the following day. Transactions are then paid-out to your designated bank account by depositing cheques in Mumbai to your bank account(if your bank permits it) or by sending you a Citibank at par cheque, en cashable in your city, by courier to reach you no later than the next Monday or Tuesday.

  • Set Up fee is a one time fee only.
  • Facility to upgrade from economy scheme to premium scheme by paying the difference in set up fees. No changes to be made at your end.
  • Shopping Cart and other services available to both schemes.
  • Both Schemes to have access to complete online Sub Merchant Account Management , with a central reporting facility on every transaction. This includes reports on sales, credits, voids to support non-repudiation, balancing, portal settlement reporting, processor settlement reporting and other back office functions.
  • Visibility into transaction level information is protected by passwords.