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Over the years, many resources have been poured into both Linux and Windows® 2003 platforms to make hosting as easy as possible. Today, there are no differences in terms of ease of use between these platforms. If you are an advanced user who prefers to work in shell environment, then Linux is your choice. However, if you are a beginner, you will find both platforms user friendly, especially with a help of wesion’s control panel.

This is where two platforms differ the most. There isn't much that can be achieved in one platform that can't be on the other one. The main difference is how the end is achieved. For example, if you need a database driven Web site, you can choose either PHP/MySQL combination under Linux or ASP/MS SQL combination under Windows® 2003. The trend is for solutions to be supported in both platforms. For example, Microsoft FrontPage, one of the most popular Web site editors out there, is supported on both Linux and Windows® 2003. Please see below for the list of supported features.

Wesion offers Budget & Premium Hosting. Budget hosting solutions are for non-mission critical static and small web sites and ideal for a personal or a SOHO web site which does not have any critical database application running. Premium Hosting solutions are for E-Commerce & ALWAYS On web sites and are specially maintained servers. The uptime guarantee for both is 99%. Please find packages below. Shall you need higher and customized packages feel free to contact our Sales Manager.